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Crack For Iphone 5

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Crack most apps with Rasticrac for iPhone.

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MONGOLO 15 Apr 2014

Post Last Edit by MONGOLO at 2013-12-12 07:13

NOTICE: RASTICRAC HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 3.1.3 [/u][/b]- go here for more information and download- RASTICRAC 3.1.3

I’ll be updating the tutorial once a .deb version is out. for now you can move the script to usr/bin with ifile or ifunbox, rename it, and set all permissions to read, write, execute. The rest is the same as this tutorial, if you need help ask in the update thread.

Not only will apps cracked with Rasticrac will run on armv7s devices such as the iPhone 5 and 4th generation iPad, Rasticrac can crack apps on these devices. Rasticrac works on iOS 6, but sometimes the same app on the same device will not crack on iOS 6, but will work just fine on iOS 5.

If you want to read about how iOS cracking works, check this thread out: NEED TO ADD LINK

If you are new to cracking, you might want to try using AppCrackr, which is a bit easier and more user friendly. Appcrackr is a GUI for Rasticrac, so using AppCrackr produces the same results as Rasticrac.

Here is a tutorial for Appcrackr:

You will need the following packages from Cydia:

Screen (You need to go to manage>settings and change to hacker if you are on user at the monent)

iFile (if you wish to edit the script to add your handle or change the compression rate, etc. )

Rasticrac (3.0 gamma 5)

GNU Debugger (iOS 5&6)


First, ADD the appaddict repo:

INSTALL MobileTerminal and Screen

If you can’t find screen, make sure you switch from «User» to «Hacker» in Cydia settings

Next, INSTALL the following packages from the appaddict repo and install any dependencies (not all are seen in image, there can be like 20 if you have never installed a cracking script or tool)

RESPRING your iDevice.


OPEN iFile and go to the path /usr/bin . scroll down until you see the file

(from other repos it may be called rasticrac)

PRESS on the blue arrow to the right of the file name to rename the file, you should get this window.

RENAME the file. I would recommend renaming it to rasticrac, because that’s what it will be called in this tutorial.

You can name it anything really or just leave the name as is, but it should be something short, it is cAsE sEnSeTiVe.

The name you give it will be the command to bring up rasticrac in terminal.

You will see this window (I haven’t renamed to rasticrac yet)

First you can SELECT your language by removing the » # » from the language of your choice

and putting » # » in front of the default language, in the image below English, the default is selected

Next you can ENTER your cracker name. Scroll down more and you will get here.

. replace «anonymous» with your handle.

Now to change the compression level. Scroll down until you see RCcompression.

In between the quotes «» Enter a compression level between -9 and -2.

A higher compression level (-9 or — 8) will give you a smaller file size but will take longer to crack.

A lower level (-2 or -3) will crack faster but will give you a larger file.


@MONG0LO Run «iTools», go «iDevice — Advanced», set «OpenSshTunnel=ON», then «rrc306.bat» should work over USB cable without wifi.

OPEN the terminal app on your springboard.

You will get this window:


press RETURN, you will be prompted for a password, your default password is alpine

ENTER your password and press RETURN, you now have root access

ENTER EXACTLY rasticrac -m (if you chose not to rename, enter -m

or if you named it otherwise substitute that name for rasticrac)

You will get this window. This is the Rasticrac main menu.

You will see all apps on your device downloaded from the appstore

that you haven’t cracked yet.

Each app has a letter that corresponds with it. If I want to crack Angry Birds Classic, I will type » b » , then press return

you will get this information about the app

You will get a screen like this when done.

The IPAs are in /var/root/Documents/Cracked copy them to your PC with iFunbox and upload.

If you didn’t choose to use root access they will be in var/Mobile/Documents/Cracked.

Once you crack an app on the list, it is added to a «done» list,

to reset the «done» list, at the rasticrac main menu enter command » 0 » (a number 0)

To mark all apps on the list as done enter command » 9 «

In this image, If I want to crack both Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons,

I can enter » c d «, putting a space beetween c and d, you can do this for as many apps as you like.

To crack all apps one your device that haven’t been cracked yet, you can enter command «rasticrac -all» after getting root access

(REMEMBER: if you named the script something else type this instead of rasticrac)

Here is a video by iChr0niX that has a tutorial for Rasticrac, but they use a different repo and don’t rename the script.

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tjglass 15 Apr 2014

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tattoohead 19 Apr 2014

So, is CrackAddict working for 5 / 5s? I uploaded a few about 30 mins ago.

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DblD 20 Apr 2014

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cuitatdickson 14 May 2014

Can I use this rasticrac to install any cracked apps on iPhone 5S with iOS 7? I would love to try it but don’t want to screw up my phone.

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DblD 14 May 2014

Can I use this rasticrac to install any cracked apps on iPhone 5S with iOS 7? I would love to try it but don’t want to screw up my phone.

Rasticrac doesn’t install cracked apps, it cracks legit apps (and then afterwards u can install the .ipa in various ways)

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