Worst Iphone Screen crack

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Worst Iphone Screen crack

Mark it down… another iPhone casualty. Since the first day of its release the iPhone has been cracking. The iPhone’s glass screen might be a beautiful window into one of the best smartphones ever made, but drop it the wrong way, just once, and it’s done for.

Once the screen is cracked the phone will probably still be usable. Of course you have to worry about it cracking further, plus there is the small detail of you having to hold it against your face. A new screen will run you $199 through Apple, a handsome sum thanks to the fact the capacitive touchscreen has to be replace along with the glass cover. Third part services will replace screens as well, generally for a little over $100.

This video goes over the details of a cracked iPhone 3GS (my cracked iPhone 3GS to be precise) and a stopgap fix that I’m using until I can convince myself to give Apple another $200.

For the “fix” I used an anti-glare screen cover from Power Support. They sell it at my local Apple Store so I picked it up right after my appointment with the Mac genius. It might not seem like much of a fix, but I can say that in the last two weeks my phone hasn’t cracked any further and I haven’t yet cut my face open, which is a nice perk. If nothing else, I’m sold on the anti-glare coating–it gives the iPhone display a nice matte look, it offers some basic protection to the display, I like the texture, and it obviously cuts down on glare.

It should go without saying that this is a short-term solution. The iPhone’s dispay has more than one layer to it, which is why most initial cracks aren’t catastrophic, but once the glass is compromised sooner or later it’s going to crack more.

As an end note, I thought it was interesting that when I brought my iPhone into the Apple store the first question I was asked was if my phone had a case on it. And the last recommendation from the rep (when I didn’t want to hand over my phone and $200) was that I pick up this display cover. I understand that Apple is all about people accessorizing their iPhone/iPod but if the phone basically needs a case, then isn’t something wrong?

Speak Your Mind

It doesn’t NEED a case. I’ve dropped my phone many times, with no scratches on it. I have no screen protectors or case on it. It is unfortunate that many people drop their phones on hard surfaces at a bad angle (I’ve noticed most cracks I’ve seen on the subway or in internet photos radiate from one corner or the other) that results in a cracked screen. Other phones fall and break – clamshell, candy bar, or any other design type you can name.

I’m willing to bet that a case was recommended to you when you bought your iPhone. I’m also willing to bet that the benefit of a case was explained to you. You did a cost/benefit analysis and decided the cost of the case wasn’t worth the benefit of protecting your phone. You probably thought that you’d never drop your phone. If you had thought “a little protection would be a good idea” when you bought your phone, you might just have to replace a cheap case. It was an unfortunate decision with a fairly obvious outcome considering the situation.

Why is the photo in this article one of a cracked iPhone next to a Verizon HTC? Did the HTC take a similar fall and come out unscathed? Is the HTC screen shatterproof? I’m willing to bet that if the HTC, without a case, were to take a similar fall on one of its corners it would probably crack just the same. Unless the HTC uses a plastic screen, in which case you will need to have a screen protector on anyway because those things scratch pretty easily.

PS: “As iPhones often do”? You mean as most things made of glass will when dropped, right?

So frustrated by my shattered iphone. I did have a case on my iphone but it didn’t protect the glass enough. And the screen protectors are just for scratches.

I dropped my old LG flip phone hundreds of times. I even drove off with it on top of my car, and when it fell off the roof, without realizing what I was doing, I ran over it with my car. The hinge was beaten up and there were some scratches, but the screen and all functionality was fine, and I used the phone for another two years. So, just pointing out that there are far more durable phones/screens out there than the iphone. It wasn’t a touch screen, but Apple’s gotta come up with a more durable touch screen — someday.

I was very stupid one day and dropped my phone glass first on to a gravel path. Needless to say the glass shattered. Apple wanted to much and being close to phone renewal I decided to have someone else repair it for much cheaper. These guys http://www.repairmyiphonescreen.com are local in Austin, TX and fixed me right up. I will just give this phone to one of my kids when I am done with it.

Just like Amy said, you can go to a local company or to an online repair store like http://www.fix-iphones.com. But ether way it would void your warranty, unless you have apple do it. If you are real handy, do it yourself. You can find all the parts and instructions online.

I have seen a few fantastic articles about replacing a cracked screen on an iPhone (why are they so simple to crack!) and a few other articles on how to polish them up to look amazing – from scratched to new with some work. This is a nice piece though, the video was a help too.

Your warranty would definitely be voided if you went to a 3rd party repair company. But if your out of warranty, why not? You’d save a bunch of money, especially if you’re savy enough to do it yourself. You can get DIY kits all over the internet.

Oh…one more thing…be sure that whatever company is doing the repair for you, that they use ORIGINAL apple parts. Otherwise your bound to have problems with cheap stuff.

It’s weird…what i don’t understand is that i’ve heard stories of apple fixing the screens for free, for $199, and sometimes charging full phone price…it’s as if they don’t have a set price scale, and they do what they feel like at the moment. I wish they would make up their mind. Anyone else hear mixed and different stories?

I hear stories about the Apple Store repairing iPhones daily. I work for an iPhone repair company ( http://www.netefx.net ). What I can tell you is that many of our customers come to us stating they were referred to us by the Apple Store. Cracked glass is one of the most popular repairs that typically takes less than an hour. Although I see many posts that state Apple Stores are repairing iPhones, the number of referrals we receive from the local Apple Store seems to suggest otherwise. Alternatively, it is factual that on occasion Apple will replace an iPhone either for free or at some small discount. The rules that govern free or a discount seem severely subjective and may be up to the individual Apple employee and their respective mood at the time.

As previously discussed if your iPhone is cracked the warranty is void and its then up to the iPhone user to find a solution. I highly recommend using OEM parts with professional service to ensure your iPhone looks and functions perfectly.

I guess these all things can help, but you must be aware that if you are using some non-company parts. Then you could face problem in reselling of your iPhone.

Apple can fix it for free. Its truly sad to get such an expensive smartphone and it breaks.

Thanks for sharing this info.

If is is free then, its a really good info for iPhone users..

With apologies to Sir Jony Ive, I have managed to break every version of Apple’s iPhone, in one way or another. From getting water in the original iPhone’s dock to dropping and shattering an iPhone 6 within one day of its release, I’ve done it all. Heck, my iPad even took a face-plant on the sidewalk once, resulting in shards of glass everywhere.

But to date*, I’ve paid $0 to get each device repaired. Now that’s pretty much because Apple’s Genius Bar staffers did me a solid, each and every time I got a case of the dropsies (a string of favors that I imagine will end with this story.)

Still, if you’ve got a broken iPhone screen — depending on the model — there is more than one way to get it fixed.

Seriously? Just upgrade it. If you’re still lugging around a seven-year-old handset, you probably also have a seven-year-old cellular plan. Carriers will give you an iPhone 5C for free, and your plan will still be cheaper. And no, your original iPhone isn’t worth money — unless it’s sealed in the box, comes with another, opened box original iPhone, and a souvenir gift bag—all in mint condition.

iPhone 3G (and 3GS)

See above. But in case you were wondering, my iPhone 3G screen held up just fine — including when I put it in the washing machine.

iPhone 4 (and 4S)

Sadly, see above, again. But the real problem here isn’t that you can’t get these screens replaced, because you actually can. It’s just that these older phones are officially obsolete, unable to load the newest versions of iOS. And, in addition, it’s currently less expensive to buy an iPhone 5S ($99) than it is to fix a broken screen on these older models ($149 each, except for iPhone 4S, which costs $199). These repair prices were quoted by Apple, and tend to be higher than third party repair services or do-it-yourself options. But still, it’s less expensive to simply upgrade to a new handset.

Still, if you like the challenge of doing it yourself, this guide by iFixit can help you field strip your iPhone like it was a wide-mouthed bass. But before you rip into it, grab a display replacement kit, which has all the tools and hardware you need and typically costs less than $20.

Alternatively, if, like me, you broke iPhone 4’s rear glass cover, you can easily swap it out, and get some pretty cool colored or brushed aluminum replacements in the process.

iPhone 5 (and 5S)

Apple’s out-of-warranty cost for replacing these handsets’ screens is $129, which again, begs the “why not upgrade” question. But in this instance, the answer to that might be because your iPhone 5 is still too new to toss — and I’d argue that even if you can upgrade, this phone is still plenty powerful and worth holding onto (at least as a backup).

Replacing the iPhone 5 on your own is also a little more involved than its predecessor, invoking the need for special suction tools, as iFixit demonstrates. For $59, the company provides everything you need to fix your broken iPhone 5 screen, but if you have a busted iPhone 5C or a smashed up iPhone 5S, make sure you get the proper kit — they aren’t all the same. (In fact, the replacements for the colored and Touch ID sensor phones cost $89.)

As the costs of replacement parts soar, it might be worth considering having someone else fix up your iPhone. A local third-party repair shops that I contacted recently quoted just over $100 to replace my shattered iPhone 5 screen. Yup — I’ve broken one of those, too. Well, my wife did, a month after I broke my brand new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus)

Before I go into display replacement options for Apple’s newest iPhones, two pieces of advice. First, buy a case. The brushed aluminum backing on the new iPhones is smooth and particularly slick. With its wider form factor, the phone is more difficult to grip. I recommend Apple’s leather case, it’s the best protector I’ve ever had — and no, I didn’t have one when I dropped my iPhone 6 in the garage, 23 hours after I bought it.

Secondly, buy the AppleCare Plus warranty. In my 15 years as an Apple user, I have never bought one warranty, but if I could take a mulligan on this device, I would. Many people opt out of AppleCare Plus because the cost of replacing the newest iPhone’s display is an all-time-low $109 ($129 for the iPhone 6 Plus). But the $99, two-year plan is a good investment because it allows for two accidental incidents. (Meanwhile, AppleCare’s default plan lasts just six months and only covers manufacturer’s faults.) You’ll want these protections because even the non-plus-sized iPhone 6 is wider than you think, and you will drop it. I repeat, you will drop the iPhone 6.

Also, it’s entirely possible that iPhone 6’s screen replacement services are currently unavailable, because demand for the new phones are so high that replacement displays are hard to come by. This would mean that Apple could only replace your iPhone 6, a repair option that costs $299 for an iPhone 6, or $329 for iPhone 6 Plus. If you had AppleCare Plus, that would cost $0.

Given how new the iPhone 6 is, its replacement parts are still very expensive, and third-party repair shops are having a difficult time matching the Apple Genius Bar pricing. A call to a local shop just generated a $250 quote for an iPhone 6 screen replacement, and the iPhone 6 Plus’s screen costs $370 for them to fix.

And likewise, it’s still early for do-it-yourselfers to make their own repairs. This walk-through explains how to swap out a new screen for a broken one. They also sell replacement display parts, but starting at $166, you won’t save any money fixing your iPhone 6 on your own. Just do as I’ve done every time: bring it back to Apple, be very nice to the lovely people there, flash a smile, tell a funny story about how you destroyed the super-computer in your pocket, and know that it will all work out in the end.

*With my recently broken iPhone 5, this is likely to change soon.

You just dropped your iPhone and the screen is broken. When your iPhone screen is shattered, it can be difficult to figure out what you should do, which repair option is best, or if you should even repair it at all. In this article, I’ll explain what to do when your iPhone screen is cracked and walk you through the different repair options.

First Of All, Stay Safe

When an iPhone screen cracks or shatters, there are usually a lot of sharp glass shards poking out. The last thing you want to have happen after you’ve dropped your iPhone is cut your hand on broken glass and have to go to the emergency room.

If your iPhone screen is completely shattered, take a piece of clear packing tape and put it over the screen.

If the screen isn’t significantly cracked, you may be able to skip this step until you figure out whether the screen is usable or if you want to have it replaced.

Assess The Damage: How Broken Is It?

The next question you want to ask yourself is this: How broken is the screen? Is it a single hairline crack? Are there a few cracks? Is the screen completely shattered?

If the damage is minor, it may be worth a trip to the Apple Store to see if an exception can be made — but those cases are extremely rare.

Apple doesn’t cover physical damage to iPhones — there’s still a service fee even if you have AppleCare+. Most of the time, impact points are obvious and an Apple Genius can spot them right away. If you have a cracked iPhone screen, you won’t be able to talk your way out of it.

Find The Best Repair Option For You

As an iPhone owner, you have lots of different repair options — so many in fact that sometimes it can become overwhelming. In all, you have six main repair options and we’re going to quickly walk you through each of theme below.

If you have AppleCare+, a screen repairs usually cost $29. However, if you don’t have AppleCare+, you’re probably going to pay at least $129 — and possibly as much as $279. That’s just if the screen is broken.

If there’s any other damage to your iPhone, such as a dent or bend in its frame, the repair cost will be even more. If you have AppleCare+, you’ll probably be charged $99. If you don’t have AppleCare+, your bill could be as much as $549.

Apple also has a mail-in repair service, but return time can take a week or longer.

If you have AppleCare+, Apple may be your best and least expensive option. If you don’t have AppleCare+, or if you need to have your iPhone screen fixed immediately, there are a few other options you may want to consider.

Puls & Other “Come-To-You” Repair Services

Many people don’t know about this relatively new iPhone repair options that works very well for lots of iPhone users. Companies like Puls are national brands that will send a highly-skilled, certified technician directly to you where they’ll repair your iPhone on the spot.

Visit our Puls coupon code page for $10 off any repair.

Come-to-you repairs are typically just as cheap (if not cheaper) than Apple repairs and they’re significantly more convenient. Instead of standing around the mall, someone comes to you — your daily routine isn’t interrupted at all.

Furthermore, some of these come-to-you repair companies offer a better warranty than the one you’ll receive from Apple, which is 90 days. For example, Puls repairs are protected by a lifetime warranty.

Local iPhone Repair Shops

Another option that’s probably close-by is your local iPhone repair shop. As Apple products have become more and more popular, more and more phone repair stores have opened up.

Typically, I don’t encourage people to choose this option. You don’t know who is doing the repair, what type of experience they have fixing iPhones, or where the replacement screen actually came from.

Most importantly, if an Apple Genius realizes your iPhone has been repaired with a 3rd-party screen, Apple may refuse to do any future repairs on your iPhone when you bring it in. In this case, you’d have to buy a new iPhone or put up with your broken one.

We stay away from making specific recommendations about local shops because there is so much variability. If you believe this option is best for you, do some research and read some reviews of your local store before going in.

Mail-In Repair Services

Mail-in repair services like iResQ are another increasingly popular repair option for cracked iPhone screen. Mail-in repair companies are convenient for people who live far away from civilization and want to save some money.

The main downside of mail-in repair services is that they are notoriously slow — returns can take up to a week or even longer. Ask yourself this: When was the last time I didn’t use my iPhone for a week?

Fix It Yourself

If your tech-savvy friend offers to do the repair, or if you think you could replace the cracked iPhone screen, that could be a good option — but it usually isn’t.

Repairing an iPhone is a delicate process. There are dozens of tiny components inside your iPhone, so it’s easy to make a mistake or leave something out of place. If a tiny cable gets even the slightest of tears, you could be without your iPhone until you find a replacement screen or purchase a new iPhone.

Furthermore, you need to use a specialized toolkit just to get inside of your iPhone to begin with.

If your DIY iPhone screen replacement goes wrong, don’t expect Apple to bail you out. If Apple finds out you opened up your iPhone and tried to replace a cracked screen, they almost certainly won’t fix your iPhone.

Even Apple Geniuses make mistakes when repairing cracked iPhone screens — that’s why Apple Stores are filled with replacement parts. More problems happen in the Genius Room than you probably imagine.

There’s one more thing to consider — replacement screens aren’t cheap and it’s tough to know which are high-quality. Professional repair companies like Puls test iPhone screens thoroughly, and they offer lifetime warranties on their repairs.

The potential for problems plus the cost of purchasing a special toolkit and a replacement screen is enough for me to tell you that’s repairing your cracked iPhone screen on your own is probably not worth risk.

When your iPhone screen is cracked, you always have the option to do nothing. I don’t recommend attempting to fix it yourself unless you’re 100% OK with the worst-case scenario: a bricked iPhone.

You may as well fix your iPhone now if:

  • You plan on giving the iPhone to someone else.
  • You plan on trading it in.
  • You plan on reselling it.
  • You plan on upgrading to a newer iPhone in the future.

I belong to the iPhone upgrade program. Every year, I get the latest iPhone and send my old one back to Apple.

When I got my iPhone 7, I dropped it and the screen cracked just a tiny bit. Nine months later when I sent it back to Apple as part of the upgrade program, they wouldn’t accept it until the screen was fixed. I had to pay for the repair before I could finish the upgrade.

What’s the moral of the story? I should’ve fixed it 9 months earlier when it happened!

Best Of Luck

I hope this article helped you figure out which repair option is best for your broken iPhone screen. It can be incredibly frustrating when your iPhone screen is cracked, so I wish you the best of luck in getting it repaired, whether you decide to choose Apple, Puls, or a different option. Leave a comment down below and let me know what your experience has been like with cracked iPhone screens and getting them repaired!

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